quick facts about me

My passion for photography started in grade school! I picked up my first point and shoot camera when I was 8 years old (and still happen to have it)! I can't imagine a time in my life where I didn't have a camera nearby. I was constantly photographing. Typically, they were filled with my siblings, landscapes, and my personal favorites: flowers and animals. (My dad always printed duplicates for me as I was busy gluing together scrapbooks and creating my own photography albums. I have albums dedicated to my 13 pet guinea pigs and my neighbor's dogs growing up...yes, I was THAT child)  Eventually, I worked to own (or borrow from my father) my first dSLR at age 13. Since then, I have upgraded my equipment a few times. I continued to study photography over the years and am lucky enough to still follow my passion.

I'm so glad that you stopped by! 


+  I attended Penn State...WE ARE!

+  I grew up in a household of eight; a wonderful dad and mum, 4 brothers, and a sister. Oh, and the smartest dog- our standard poodle, Prince. (He is almost 17 years old!)

+  I met my husband on a sidewalk when he offered me his jacket to stay warm. (I was waiting for a friend to join at the time.)

+  I spent my youth reading about animals because I wanted to help them and own at least one of every animal imaginable!
+ Before transitioning into full time photography, I used to teach elementary school!

+ I really enjoy baking! I equally enjoy eating what I bake...

quick facts about me

I'm obsessed with the old classic styles of clothing. I wore my mother's wedding dress on my wedding day and it brought me so much joy. (It also fit me perfectly!)

I joke that I want my son to dress like the Royal family... but it's not really a joke. Let's be honest, if it's good enough for Prince George, my son should equally wear it!

and my favorites

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It's been quite awhile since I've actually been to happy hour for a drink... so let's talk favorite drinks in general...

+ Flavored seltzer water is my jam!

+ I love orange juice- fresh squeezed... THE best!

+ While I'm not usually a coffee drinker, we were gifted an espresso maker...and I love to make myself a latte!

happy hour drink

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Photographing became a passion of mine at a young age. My father loved it as a hobby of his growing up. I grew up photographing EVERYTHING. I was the child creating photo calendars for the family. I began photographing seniors and couples as a teenager. Fast forward and my creativity continued to weddings and other portraits!


why i became a

Of course, it's a rose.. and my middle name!
The name "Rose" comes from my grandmother, Rose Marie. It was also part of my mum's best friend's name, Rosemary.

I've always had an appreciation for all flowers (though I can't keep them alive very along, if I'm honest). In my youth, I photographed macro shots of flowers in the summertime and made calendars for Mrs. B, my Pop Pop's neighbor.

My family calls me Katie Rose.Since middle school, I've drawn little roses next to my name!

is a rose

my favorite FLOWER

+ Internationally.... Definitely Scotland! The Highlands are worth visiting if you make the trek there!

+ In the U.S, I grew up visiting my grandfather in Saratoga Springs, NY. I'll always have fond memories of family time on the lake!

place to visit

my favorite

This sweet bundle of joy is Lawrence Paul. His nickname is "Lars," a Swedish family name. He was born during a crazy time for both the world and our own lives. We couldn't be happier to have him with us. His laughter is contagious and I'm increasingly getting more and more smile wrinkles daily from his belly laughter... seriously.

My  husband continues to be my partner, rock, and support. Watching him become a father has brought me so much joy. Weekends have looked very different since our new addition. We've been embracing new parent life with Netflix date-nights in and family strolls.

We can't forget our sweet pup, Windsor. We have yet to get an updated family photo with the entire clan. He's being loved on just as much as Lawrence and wants to lick and love on Lawrence constantly!  

My husband, Jacob, and I welcomed our sweet baby boy in March 2020!

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